CACH’TRACK – A Geocaching card game


A game that requires powers of observation, tactics and craftiness… Be the first to win the Geocards!

When a board games fanatic meets a Geocaching fanatic, the result is… Cach’Track: a Geocaching card game!

Your aim: become the first to collect 4 different types of “GeoCards”.

Rules are simple. But you will need cunning, bluff and strategy to win the game!

The game is made up of four groups of cards


GeoCards (or caches) with 4 different colors: ordinary = green; multiple = yellow; mystery = blue; event = orange. Every GeoCard has to be completed with 3 to 5 symbols.

Components: these cards are composed of symbols which are necessary to complete Geocards.

Harmful events: use these cards to hamper your opponents or make them slow down… unless they have the appropriate components to counter!

GPS: the Global Positioning Sytem enables you to select another component.

Each player is given 5 « components » cards.

All Geocards are divided into four piles, and placed heads up.

When your turn comes


Choose 3 actions, among the following possibilities (you may three times the same):

- place a components card in front of you,

- turn a components card already put in front of you in order to choose another symbol

- take a card from the pile,

- use a GPS card.

Will you place, take or turn 1, 2 or 3 cards? Make use of your GPS to select one of your components or a component from another player.

But remember! Some harmful events may hamper or favour your opponents for a while. So may Geocards which are already completed.


When you have gathered the required « symbol » components, the “GeoCard” you picked is completed and so you win it.

The first player who has collected 4 different types of “GeoCards” (4 different colours) becomes the winner!


To make the game even funnier and add several levels of difficulty, refer to the full rules of the game!

Whether you are 8 or 80 years old, whether you are a beginner or an expert at board games… you will surely have fun with Cach’Track!

108 cards (54 components, 6 harmful events, 6 GPS et 36 GeoCards)

6 summaries

Rules in French, English and German.


Financing the game

The game at different stages of its creation

Time line

The Cach’Track story


The story began about a year ago. Hephez and Niklaus were working as graphic designers in the same office.

After the publication of « Petit Manuel de Geocaching » (« Little Geocaching guidebook ») written and illustrated by Hephez, Niklaus suggested to create a card game on this topic, using Hephez’s drawings.


Niklaus, who is a member of a local board games club (called Les Loups du Téméraire), imagined a unique game and had to invent rules especially adapted from the Geocaching world (different types of caches, several levels of difficulty, satellite navigation, ticks, etc.). After working on it for more than 6 months, he tested the game on his friends at the games club.

Then Hephez and Niklaus tried a prototype of the game with a larger audience in two Salon du Jeu (games fair) in Epinal and in Thiaucourt… They got success!


After such a positive experience, they decided to improve the rules of the game and to change every illustration. They now officially present the game to you!


The guys


Niklaus: he is a graphic designer, but he is also an amateur painter and games player. For more than 25 years, he has played many games at the Club Les Loups du Téméraire in Nancy. Cach’track is his first creation.


Hephez: he is a graphic designer and a talented illustrator. He and his family have enjoyed Geocaching for few years. He published a book about this outdoor recreational activity (